Sunday, 26 July 2015

The God Contention

If you are excited by science and the torrent of new knowledge that issues forth every week on the origins of the universe, life & everything can you really also believe in God?

If, like me, you were brought up to believe but have struggled to keep to your gifted faith as the scientific universe reveals itself you might be interested in this material.

The God Contention is a short book I wrote to suggest just one scientifically sympathetic version of a moral universe - i.e. one with a moral purpose, defined by God.

It tries to answer some of the questions posed by non-believers especially:

'if there is a God then why do so many terrible things happen in our world?'

More importantly, it offers a model for the creation and life of our universe, compatible with the big bang, quantum theory, relativity, evolution et al, a model which also includes moral judgement, reward and the afterlife.

The God Contention is only a proxy, a substitution for a truth that is beyond our science. The model contained within it (M1) is merely my illustration of a moral universe in which God and all our science cohabit quite happily.

Where does it lead? I would hope to a saner, simpler structure of belief & behaviour which I call 'The Rational Faith'. 

I developed these ideas to get the problem (Science v God) our of my system. It might be useful to you.

There are a number of ways to access the material: